Roman de Gare

Director: Claude Lelouch

Pierre/Louis: Dominique Pinon
Judith: Fanny Ardant
Huguette: Audrey Dana
Florence: Michele Bernier
Alain: Boris Ventura
The Police Captain: Zinedine Soualem

Judith Ralitzer is a successful crime novelist in search of inspiration for her next bestseller. The mysterious disappearance of a university professor coincides with the escape from prison of a notorious serial killer known as the Magician. Huguette, a hairdresser in a swanky Parisian salon, finds herself abandoned on the side of a motorway by her fiancĂ©. Pierre, a passer-by, offers to help her and she accepts, insisting that he pretend to be her future husband when she goes to visit her parents. Is there anything to link these apparently unconnected events…? Pierre turns out to be Judith’s ghost-writer. For the next novel he gets inspiration from Huguette’s life and the Magician’s story. He decides that the book will be published under his own name this time. Furious at first, Judith finally accepts and offers to help in getting it published. Pierre quickly understands that she has a sinister plot in mind to get rid of him. He pulls a few tricks of his own and catches her at her own game. Deceptively layered and intriguingly misleading, Roman de gare is an homage to the French genre of the same name, a genre that refers to popular, easy-to-read novels.