La Moustache

La Moustache by Emmanuel Carrère

Marc: Vincent Lindon
Agnès: Emmanuelle Devos
Serge : Mathieu Amalric
Bruno: Hippolyte Girardot

Marc is a successful architect who has a wonderful relationship with his wife Agnès. As the couple prepares to join some friends for dinner, Marc impulsively shaves off the moustache he’s worn his entire adult life. He is hoping to surprise his friends and his wife. However, no one at the dinner table notices the difference and everyone insists Marc hasn’t worn a moustache for years, if ever. First he thinks he is being tricked by an elaborate group plot – both his friends and his coworkers aren’t making allusions to his former hairy upper lip and Marc plunges into tormented perplexity. Asking his wife to stop the charade, she assures him he never had a moustache. Marc is desperate and explodes in frustration. He even assumes that his wife has lost her mind. When other elements of his life begin to slip away, Agnè sand his friends mutually suspect him to become crazy and conspire to have him committed to a psychiatric facility.
FIPRESCI Prize, Chicago International Film Festival (2005)
Label Europa Cinemas Prize, Cannes Film Festival (2005)